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Bed runners can be used not only to accent bedding in a room, but they also can have a function as well. A little extra warmth for cold feet is nice on cold winter nights. Yet at the same time one is not burdened with the heaviness of another complete quilt or blanket. When it comes to time to do the laundry, a bed runner is easier to wash and dry than a quilt.

bed runners

When people forget to take their shoes off before lying in bed, bed runners can be used at the foot of a bed to help keep covers clean. This can be especially nice in hotel rooms for a little extra protection for the comforters which usually do not get washed between guests.

The sizes of bed runners vary depending on the sizes of the beds they are used on. However, typically they are 24 inches (two feet) wide with a length of 25 to 30 inches longer than the width of the mattress. That allows for there to be a nice drop-over effect on the sides of the bed.

The fact that they are easier and less expensive to make than a full quilt is another positive characteristic of the bed runner. It is especially pleasing to have large pillows at the head of the bed made from the same fabric as the bed runner at the foot of a bed.

For those sheet sets of which the top flat sheets outlast the bottom sheets, a bit of creativity can put those lone flat sheets back into service. Simply take a flat sheet; fold it in half length-ways; fold it in half again in the same direction; match up the corners; and lay the now folded sheet across the foot of the bed. That was easy enough.

But to take it a step further, use four matching colourful buttons to sew on the four corners in the locations where they would still be on the bed (right before the drop off part). Mark these four corners with a small pencil marking or chalk marking; keep the sheet folded neatly; take the sheet up enough to sew the buttons in place through all the thicknesses.

The same effect can be achieved with four matching tie tacks. I do not recommend using the tie tacks or small buttons if there are small children or pets in the household. Obviously, you would want to take the tie tacks out before washing the newly created bed runner. Most likely the pillow cases that match the bed runner are still around as well since pillowcases usually outlast the bottom fitted sheets. What a great way to get a new look for your bed for next to no cost.